Plakat 1 ... Monster Power System in freefall, GB

Plakat 2 ... Lust-granaat explodeert in zijn hoofd. Rutte. NL

Plakat 3 ...

Plakat 4 ... NL .......... DE …...... GB Marrakesh Mord

Plakat 5 …

Plakat 6

Power System

of the 9/11 – MH17 – Killers,

lustmurderers, bankers, Crypto-Jews

in freefall

Bush O , Clinton O

Sorros O , Pope Francis O

RoRo: Rothschild O, Rockefeller O,

RoRo-puppets: Merkel O, Macron O, Rutte O, EU-Commission O, ECB O

Machtsystem der Lustmörder im freien Fall, Es dauert nicht mehr lang!Pedofile Satanisten-Kindermörder-Kreise enttarnt.

Info-sources:, YouTube, Q-Anon/Trump, “The Money-Maffia”, Prof. P. Hellyer

with highly important information over suppressed, but by the Maffia-Power-System silently used Ufo-Technology.

More great innovations suppressed: Tesla´s Power Box for cars and houses., GN´s Prime Mover, and windmill Sturmvogel with Prime Mover, and wave power plant WEKWE with prime mover, GN´s Click-House-Units, , the quickest and cheapest way to build solid demountable houses, without mountains of rubbish later, all parts reusable, the big step to circulair economy in the huge building construction market.